Feeling Younger Vs Looking Younger

The whole world is always lamenting on the fact that they want look younger and that they want to feel young. Some middle age people used to say that they could have run around the ground 5 times if they were younger but now they can barely do 1 round and some speak along the lines of “I could clean the whole house in one day if I was young but now I can only clean one room without getting tired.” Another group who are beauty conscience stares at the mirrors and says I wish I looked younger. Well, the topic here is which is important, to look younger or to feel younger?

We all know that there are many ways in which you could look young. There are laser skin care and anti wrinkle injections Adelaide and so on and so forth. You can apply creams and lotions but this will only make you look young but you will not be able to anything else when you were young. What you can do is train your body to stay healthy and thus make your body feel young and you will be able to do things you did when you were young. Well, not all of it but most of it.

The difference between feeling young and looking young is like a person with skills and who looks like he has skills. You join a company and you are employed because you look like a person with skills that suit the industry but you actually don’t you only just look like it. While feeling young is when you actually have the skills and if you are lucky you will look young as well – meaning you will look like a person with skills and the ability to perform those skills.

The best way to look young is have eat healthy. Do not consume a lot of sugar. Sugar is your skin’s worst enemy. It increases wrinkles and reduces the flexibility and structure of certain body proteins. Make exercising your best friend. Try to meet him every day and spend quality time with him. Keeping your body moving and flexible is one way to feel healthy and young. Exercising helps get your blood flowing smoothly. Good blood flow will help you have good skin and you will not only feel good but also look. As long as you look like a very strong fit and healthy individual you will both feel and look young. In short, avoid sugar as much as you can and exercise well.