How To Shape Your Eyebrows?

Do not think about threading, once you have heard about shaping the eyebrows. The reason is that, another advanced treatment has been found for shaping the eyebrows, which is nothing but the microblading. As far as threading the eyebrows are concerned, you need to thread your eyebrows after every 15 days at least to keep your eyebrows in shape. The point is that, not everyone can do threading, as some people might have no better volume of hairs on their eyebrows and that kind of people cannot do threading. If you are really concerned about your eyebrows and want to enhance its presence, then take the microblading treatment. The microblading treatment involves drawing single and crisp hair strokes and that drawn hair will exactly look natural. With the microblading treatment, you can enhance the shape of the eyebrows and the volume of the hairs in your eyebrows. The pigment in the microblading treatment will last for up to one to 3 years, according to the type of the skin and age. The microblading is reckoned as a form of cosmetic tattooing.  Of course, microblading is painful while comparing to threading or other treatments. The pain will be either less or more comparing to what is your pain threshold limit. You have to get advice from the expert ahead undergoing the microblading treatment.

The benefits of the right treatment for the brows

  • If you do not know anything about the microblading Melbourne, then you can read the article further and know the benefits of the treatment in detail.
  • You can get different dimensions of eyebrows with the microblading treatment which includes, straight, feathered, curved, arched, bold and thin. It is you that has to decide what kind of dimension you want for your eyebrows.
  • With no doubts, you can improvise the look of your eyebrows with the microblading treatment. You do not need to worry about having the pen marks or other things. If the trained beautician works on your eyebrows, then you will surely get the kind of the look you dreamt of.
  • Not all the hairs together, but each strand of the hair will be marked and drawn individually to get the perfect look. The hair strands can be drawn within 2 hours. The point is that, the brow colors will start to fade and you need to schedule a touch up session with the expert.


  • The microblading is a risky technique and the expert that is going to perform this treatment for you should possess certification from the health department.

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